Greatest Rapper Ever - Danny Brown

[Verse 1]
My homie's a magician with the Tec
Make your chain disappear and reappear on his neck
I ain't tricking with you hoes, but sh_t don't ask him
Only thing I give a b_tch? A f_cking orgasm
I'll throw you in the river, hands tied tight
Watch your ass drown, feel it in the air tonight
I'm spitting that dope sh_t, smoking on regulars
Writing 16's like internet child predators
Rocking that 10 Deep, but I stay dolo
You wearing polo, who are you, Young Dro?
I'm fifth floor at the Bellagio
Vegas b_tches that's resembling Rosario
Dawson, awesome, hit the head, Mario
Sorry yo, my tongue long, she squirted off the sheets
She gave me that Becky, I gave her that yoshi
The only time you n_ggas touch keys is Motif

[Verse 2]
Go and sell a beat, you never sold a rock
Still be sitting on the couch if I was signed to Koch
Coulda signed to the Roc, nah, I'm signed to the streets
The D is the only thing that's profiting for me
Feeling like Big Meech, when we're 'bout to cook up
But not the one from B.M.F. dog, the one from Lynwood
It ain't a n_gga I know
Three years straight, three dollar blows
Good any hood, anywhere I go I'm straight
N_gga hit me with a hundred cause the look on my face
Momma, I'm honored to be your son
Could snatch a stack of stamps out and not rip a single one

[Verse 3]
Used to be in a rush, to finish off my sack
I was so thirsty dog, sold a pregnant b_tch crack
Let her pay me extra, smoke it in the back, then she came back
Titties on smacking herself on the back, talking 'bout
Something crawling on her, looking like the world's falling on her
And I pushed it, you rub the foots of the b_tches I mushed
Funky ass cutlass three deep, blowing kush, North got her shook
Started reading once the judge threw the f_cking book
But the block was off the hook, said "F_ck class!"
Off them same pills that had Carlton dancing fast
Young buck, look, now a grown up
Now I pop those same pills, listening to Donuts
I rap like I bet my life
Cause in all actuality, n_gga I did
You rap like you used to hit the pipe
Nah n_gga that ain't crack, that's crackhead sh_t
Rep that sh_t, will tell a b_tch
You wouldn't break a brick, you ain't seeing this d_ck
You trick on the b_tch, dog you ain't rich
Take a b_tch to the movies, take her to the crib

You seeing Brown? Nope, never
'bout to live the title of the greatest rapper ever
It don't get no better, it don't get no better

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