Guitar Solo - Danny Brown

[Verse 1]
My little n_gga 14
Got his hand on the 40 with the infrared beam
His daddy locked up and his momma is a fiend
Catch her tricking on the corner, knees dirty on her jeans
At night he never dreams cause he hardly ever sleep
Laying in the bed, facing someone else's feet
So late night he creep, walk around these streets
With the same hoodie on, he been wearing for a week
He wants something to eat, and his sneaks so scuffed
Just looking in his eyes, you can tell he living rough
Standing outside a gas station puffing on a loosie
Dropped outta school cause his peers appeared bougie
And they wear Gucci, and sh_t that rappers talk
Robbed an old lady but his ass got caught
Will he get out, man I really don't know bro
I hope I'll find out after the guitar solo

[Verse 2]
This little girl pregnant man she only 14
Bust in by an older n_gga, lack of self-esteem
Her mom's a gold digger, and her dad is not around
Last time she saw him he took her to Belle Isle
A child with a child and her momma don't care
Another bridge card gon' put her on welfare
Baby daddy say he got her, prolly won't succeed
Cause he bought a pair of Cardi's 'stead of reing-up the weed
His dream is a cutty with some rims on that b_tch
Is that the type of man you want raising your kids?
So now you ditch class cause your belly getting bigger
And every other day your momma f_ck another n_gga
So what she gonna do is find herself a drug dealer
Her dream and goal in life is to be saved by a n_gga
And will she get far? I really don't know bro
I hope I find out after the guitar solo

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