Jordan VIII - Danny Brown

[Verse 1]

This b_tch told me I need my teeth fixed
I said, "Nah ho, that's perfect for licking clits"
And when I said that sh_t that ho got wet
Like a b_tch in a jacuzzi on the deck of a cruise ship
On her honey moon, looking at a full moon
Getting serenaded, sipping on champagne to set the mood
I ain't Mr. Future Husband, Mr. Future F_ck Your Cousin
Sister, Auntie and your best friend, thought she was a lesbian
Until she s_cked mine, I don't care how fine
First date, tell a ho we going to 69
In your baby momma crib, smoking on some power puff
Snaggle tooth n_gga, talking like Snagglepuss
In there bumping reggae, turning up the Snagga Puss
Got more kids than the arms on a "Seal"
I just get the dome, we alone, be like not the puss
She just take the bone, slurp and spit and say "I'm out this b_tch"
I could never do it, the type to go and love the b_tch
In the line, at the movies, holding hands, hug the b_tch
I could never hate, chronic to the face
Me and my n_gga got some straps like some Jordan 8's
Smoking by the wake
You Annie on the 8th
Ain't talking about coke, leave a n_gga child broke
You kill for car notes, autos on the porch
Ain't talking PC's when we say Tech Support
Make it run through windows, blowing on some Indo
Corn dog size spliff, hit like Kimbo
The only time Reggie on the Knicks, when you go to the corner say "Lemme get a Nick"
Now that's some pothead on some crack head sh_t

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