Lincoln Continental - Danny Brown

[Verse 1]
I'm the president, I'm the mayor, ho
That b_tch my first lady, I tell her where to go
I'm in the brown house taking a duke
I smoke that ew-wee, that Peppy la Pew
I'm going cookoo, see I don't f_cked up
Another mother there, some sh_t gonna get a cut
Them budgets f_cked up, I say that it gone change
And now we f_cked up, I'm asking y'all for change
B_tch we gonna pull the wool, don't get it aura
I have your kids on the front line getting f_cked up
They getting chopped up, they eating cold cuts
They starving on the block, they talk 'bout it ain't no work
Ain't no health care, I snatch your medicare
I got your baby home alone and ain't no daycare
Cause I'm gon' get mine, if I snatch your kids
What the f_ck you thinking, I'm a politician

Got me plotting, got me plotting
Got me thinking, got me thinking
How can I come up and get myself a Lincoln

I'm a Continental, Contin... Continental

[Verse 2]
I'm the president, I'm the mayor, ho
That b_tch my first lady, I tell her where to go
I cheat all on that ho, with the secretary
I spill out on her blouse, that head is legendary
I lie to anybody, and smile up in they face
I drink that wine up, and say I love the taste
I show up at the banquet, I get my swag on
Them white n_ggas grinning, they get they fag on
Now I'm on some other sh_t, I'm at the hotel
With a bunch of hookers, they yelling go head
Don't worry they all gay, them hoes is called heads
Next day on the paper sniffing coke, I knew them hoes would tell
But see I get them votes, because I know some rappers
I do a remix, y'all on my d_ck after
I throw a press conference and say some bullsh_t
Then take a couple flicks, now I'm out this b_tch

[Bridge + Hook]

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