Lol (Remix) - Danny Brown

[Verse 1]
The present like December 25th
Getting cookies out the oven with the Louis V oven mitt
Sold work, now I'm working with the choruses
Professor X-Man would say I'm Vanglorious
Put patterns together with words I crochet
All-Madden with the flow, y'all so so gay like revolution
I'm for the advance same as Kwame restitution
Eating good in the booth like wassup
Y'all in the booth sounding like potluck
We don't know what we gettin'
Brown like Pujols, always hittin'
Your b_tch like a cue ball in a pool hall
We all hittin'
No kiddin', no bullsh_ttin'
Pull my d_ck out and she just start lickin' like
That was her secret ambition
Put my d_ck on her nose now she look like Pippen

N_ggas hit the text, say it's light on the scale
I text back LOL
Another n_gga trippin', said he middleman his sales
I text back LOL
SMH, LMAO, don't text Danny Brown if it ain't about dough
LOL, LOL, if it ain't about money, TTYL

[Verse 2]
N_gga hit me on the Sidekick saying he gon' shoot me
Sounding like a real groupie
He a b_tch with a heater like Lara Croft
He gone get his ass wet like Noah's Ark
Got the chopper, won't hesitate to squeeze
Get his ass cut like a whopper with cheese
Give his ass some beats, no need for MPs
Now he's in the ER hooked to IVs
Doc saying that it's over
When I watched G.I. Joe, I used to root for Kobra
Used to watch Scarface and root for Sosa
And laugh myself to tears every time the movie's over
To me, that's the perfect endin'
All my n_ggas sinning for the rims that be spinnin'
And did I mention that jails to us like after school detention
So revolvers, we spin them
Text a n_gga like, "Come through, end him"


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