Nowhere 2 Go - Danny Brown

Let's go, it's Detroit, stand up!

[Verse 1]
I'm in the truck sitting high like proper etiquette
Iller than I ever been, blowing on that medicine
Used to have dreams of copping cribs on Edison...
Now I'm doing sh_t thought I never could afford
Art on the wall like science project boards
Parquet floor, green like Celtic
Furniture you touch be like whats this velvet?
Used to play the block with the sack by the pelvis
Fiends ODing on they toilet like Elvis

[Verse 2]
So now I kill beats, so much coroners pick up notepad sheets
Bullhead skinnies Hilfiger fleece, sort of like a futuristic 1993
A lot my n_ggas dead, a lot my n_ggas locked
A lot my n_ggas left and moved on from the block
Some of my n_ggas here and some got guap
And some may gotta piss in a mothaf_ckin' pot
We used to play the block, we never get old
The fridge ain't got sh_t but the bread with the mold
And some ain't got shoes just the ones with the holes
The one you call talkers with the f_cking plastic soles
So now we change the system to sh_t we can't afford and
Check from Mickey D's can't buy a pair of Jordans
And hot boys gotta get it how they live

Close your eyes, I'm 'bout to take you to a city
It ain't pretty, it ain't nowhere to go (It ain't nowhere to go)
Run and hide when you on the other side
It ain't easy, it ain't nowhere to go (It ain't nowhere to go)
Land of misery a place full of history
But seriously, it's nowhere to go (It's nowhere to go)

[Verse 3]
I seen my n_gga Luck before he went up for life
He said, Brown you nice and n_gga send your sacrifice
Chill on the streets, it ain't here for ya
Cause when you get locked, nobody care for ya
Did a little time ain't make a phone call
Book stay thick like a church going broad
Locked in the county ain't never seen a thorough
Now I hit the thrift stores cop a vintage polo
Never talk loud to get my point across
The only alligator that I rock is Lacoste
Detroit player, word to my n_gga Big
Play this type of sh_t while you rocking up for Big
Cause I blow two blunts before I brush my teeth
Ain't seen what they looking like but I'm smoking good
Eating better, so I stay full
J stay paid, Brown do too


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