Outer Space - Danny Brown

It's the Adderall Admiral, Writing holy macarel
Your b_tch say my d_ck long like the strap on a satchel
I took me a capsule with no hassle
Now it's like I dip feathers of ink in a castle
A prodigy like bullets hit your left clavicle
No sweatsuits and paint the avenue
You have no clue like toy stores with no board games
But when I paint pictures I'm dipping brushes in war paint
I'm a motherf_cking mother f_cker
F_cking on your mother with two rubbers, I do f_cker
No cover just her booty on a pillow
Your b_tch said my d_ck tastes like Tropical Fruit Skittles
I'm bumping BO Wither, Swishers on Schwarzenegger
Matter fact, nah n_gga they on Boa Constrictors
They'll choke a n_gga
These n_ggas ain't rappers they motherf_cking characters
Caught your baby momma horny then I stuck a carrot in her
Then you made a salad with her, ate that sh_t for dinner
I don't want that skinny b_tch look like that ho from Thinner
Swore she played soccer she was real good with headers
Had me yelling "Goal!" while I was sitting on the dresser
Give the b_tch a hat trick, smoking on the cat piss
I keep the b_tch wet, around you she's a cactus
I got them Penis Psalms for your Vagina Monologues
Love a feminist b_tch, oh, they get my d_ck hard
So no apologies for all the misogyny
I just want some company to come and watch some porn with me
My oral orchestration causes manipulation
The way these hoes be chasin though I had the tongue of Satan
But I just gave em d_ck they more for conversation
Why you n_ggas tricking giving your obligation
You safe havens, I'm Wes Craven with Ex cravings
F_ck a b_tch mouth until her f_cking face cave in
Hidden cams in her house, I caught her masturbating
Extorted her for the cash, now yo ass payin
You Captin Save-Em-Ass N_gga
I don't give a b_tch sh_t but hard d_ck and liquor
So nice to meet you, I hope that you're safe
(Meet the future face to face)

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