White Stripes - Danny Brown


[Verse 1]
N_gga get a life, 10 Deep crewneck
Blunt to the face, n_gga, never ask "Who next?"
Homie I ain't Two-Tecs, that's B.I.G, homie, ay
Where the f_ck was his gangsta ass out in LA
Ay-bay-bay, this is not a diss
But your b_tch looks like Hurricane Chris
And n_gga it's fact, that what you rap fiction
I spit on your grave then I grab my Charles D_ckens
Your b_tches do my braids, say dog I be hitting
Never knew my d_ck be where you be kissing
When I shoot missions, gotta keep a clip in
Or I roll deep like roaches in my kitchen
Dog, I ain't tripping, but they never gone
They don't even run when I cut the lights on
Holmes, what's the biz? N_gga, watch your kids
Your b_tch say my d_ck bigger than John Holmes' is
Limes in Corona, 2-for-18
Might pop Adderall, I don't f_ck with no lean
Sitting at a mall, n_gga f_ck them all
Walk in thrift stores, now watch daddy ball
Vintage ass fleeces, skinny no creases
Me and these is like ETs and Reese's Pieces
Laying on beaches, hoes' toes pedicure
B_tch give me head cause she liked my metaphors
'bout getting head, isn't that ironic, like Alanis Morisette?


[Verse 2]
Tight like corsets 'round the waists of S&M b_tches
B_tch ass fat like Deelishis' is
Hoes say I'm inconsiderate
Cause I make 'em treat my d_ck like licorice
But they can't get a pack of Twizzlers on me
Light-skinned b_tch that I call darky
Always in beef like Eek the Cat and Sharky
So I ate the cat and now she heart me
Roll another spliff, pop another pill
Live every day like a n_gga going away
When getting locked, f_cking with the pot
Gotta n_gga two hots and a top cot
Some n_ggas like to plot, I move on instinct
N_gga, I can lock down a year in a precinct
And these bars will still be hotter than your new sh_t
Why you try to keep it warm like somebody else piss?
In that drop on the way to the P.O
You talk sh_t, turn his b_tch to El Nino
Rap jalapeno, flow Neo Geo
Crunk like Lil' Jon, "Bia Bia" live in Rio
N_gga do a peep show, f_cking quarter freak ho
Hit you with the cinco, now you n_ggas el finito
Sipping on Cleco, rap like a cheat code
To the game of life and I'd passed twice
Now tell me mothaf_cka that I ain't nice
Roll another dime sack, n_gga just rewind that

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