Fell off The Floor, Man - Deus

What about my philosophy, MY philosophy
You gotta be your own, you gotta be your own dog
You know? You know what I'm talking about? - that's right
You're supposed to say yes, like a James Brown-thing Yeah !

You gotta go sniffin' on your own turf
Be your own dog, don't let nobody put a leash on you

Rubbadub a tub fish Ping Pong
Sneakin' in the dead zone Boneyard
Sippin' on a catlap Sing Song
Trimming off my nostril hairs Headcase
An angel in a mellowcake Courtpie
Rubbin' like a p_ssycat Gridlock
A stone within my eyeball Too too
Dancin' with my socks on Oh Man
Singin' like a tomtit Stop cab
You've been listening to the Doors Tip top
Entering a smoky barroom Hey you
Smuggling a wombat What a day
Chewing on my necktie Tweedoll
Tumbling in the margarine Heroine
Hidden in the ribbonbrass Too too
Actin' like a baby Headcase

I don't need no thoughts in me, don't you want to rescue me?
There's a little light below, go there when I want to go

Wanna buy the bubblegum? Ping pong
Trying to pry the red shoes off Headcase
Licking on my ice cream cone Heroine
Surfing in the kitchen sink What a day
Sippin' on a diet coke Hey dude
A toodle to the innercrop Tip Top
Shopping with my scapegoat Top fish
Change a tenner for two fivers Too too


Rita Hayworth (3 times)
Rita Hay

Don't strap yourself to a Volkswagen in a weird... harness
Get a harness, because it could be dangerous

Don't try this at home

Going out to steal a ruby (4 times)

Looking like a rayon, love to do it indoor
They all got a say on, falling off the damned floor
Succulent but s_cked in, always I'll be in for
Wanted to be tucked in, falling off the same floor

(inaudible speech)

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