Opening Night - Deus

I dedicate a colour to
my dearest friends and family who
so solemnly and nicely dressed
come visit me, I must confess
I feel like Gena might
upon her opening night

And so the hounding begins
a sudden crack on the shins
whip stinging say oh hello
you look like someone I know

Fiery red I give my mom
my dad transparent he is gone
my sisters I give black and white
and guys I hate well f_ck 'em bright
my friends get shades of blue
and ginger green to you

while sniggering up your sleeve
a kid a joke just like wee
guys in a schoolyard aged five
the baddest honcho alive
track down your friends to a bar
trace over steps in a car
say that's a pretty excuse
make mine a pineapple juice
bugbears are plenty round here
give him a clip on the ear
says dad infront of TV
decide channel randomly

I feel something coming on
a funny turn or a wrong
decision made casually
like dad infront of TV
regurgitation and goo
ten squillion eyes watch as you
put up a pretty good fight

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