As Time Goes by - Devlin feat Smasher

[Verse 1 - Devlin:]
I'm fed up with life at the minute
So I get it off my chest when I'm writing my lyrics
Having to give my Nan hospital visits
I just pray to God she don't turn to a spirit
Cause she's the only Nan I've got left
And it hurts in my head when I contemplate her death
Knowing that one day soon she'll be gone
That thought leaves me short of breath
Yeah that's just one of the things
That makes me feel like I'm running in rings
No process made that's a regular thing
But if I stop spitting that would be the death of a king
I've got to learn to focus my mind at the lowest of times
Then lo and behold the scene could be mine
Draw you a picture with words I describe with a caption beside

[Hook - Devlin:]
As life goes by, in the blink of an eye
I stay focused on writing my rhymes
These streets are inviting to crime
If I didn't write music I'd probably go mad in my mind
Because it's only music that keeps me sane
Plus bud and beers to forget the pain
Just reflecting my days go away

[Verse 2 - Smasher:]
Let me tell another story, tell about a 23 year old man that don't wanna' fail
Every move he makes his heart's in it, from the start to the finish
Because losing ain't never ever been an option
Constantly cooking up plans and concoctions
Raised in a place called Hoxton
By his Nan and granddad, gets to see his mum on a weekend
That was a treat then she was spoilt rotten and then its back to the east then
Years later man will be sick with a big pen
Living in a place where the youths strap big lens
Pure drama a star performer leave the boost so hot u could call it a sauna
10 out of 10 I'm back at it again whatever the outcome its music to the end


[Verse 3:]
Just another day in the life this music ain't paying me right
Like a worker at MacDonald's receiving minimum wage
I get pennies for the sh_t that I've write on the pages
Like I'm feeling so what in slaved due to power and urban decay
There ain't no prospects in the UK today
So my mates keep playing up the 'caine
I don't know what I stand in the struggling and strain
I'm trapped in the thunder and rain
But I don't give a f_ck for the fame so if I full pray to my sins then lust is to blame
I'm in your ear like blood in your veins
And yeah I'm on the road like buskers and trains
I'm just like everyone I love to be paid
I'm messed up it must be the bud that I blaze
There ain't nothing for us
The way I'm feeling there ain't no word in the thesaurus
Born on the 7th of may I'm a Taurus
Can't keep my job cause I can't take orders
I feel like I'm outside of the borders
Looking inside of the rich and the borders then I take a look around my headquarters
And I'm ripping my hair out soon my heads gonna' look like Gail Porter's
They hit us with extortion and treat illegal immigrants much more important than me and you
Cause I've lived there all my life and live got nothing to show for it
And you can't get rich from work so spitting I've gotta' have a really good go at it
I've put my boat in the stream and now I keep rowing it it's my dream I won't let go of it


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