Paid My Dues - Devlin

[Verse 1 - Devlin:]
It's been a long time coming, like 9 or 10 years
But now I'm right here because I never stopped running
About 14 or 15 [?] coming
I was putting in 110 so I knew that if I didn't blow [?]
And I couldn't be pissed I never tried
They didn't see the talent I was spitting in my lines
Like somebody was pissing in their eyes
But now it's my time, my life's been far from perfect
But forget the sob story I'll swerve it
I thought I'd stick around like herpes
And try to make some money on the verges of billions
I f_cking deserve it
And now my life has a purpose, instead of being worthless
I don't still wanna' be working when I'm in my late thirties
I spit bars that's just way too dirty

[Hook x2 - Devlin:]
Yeah I've paid my dues, nobody can't fill my shoes
I've come a long way in a short time, spit a short rhyme
And I'll blow you away like a 45

[Verse 2 - Devlin:]
I'm burning the paper that I'm writing my lines on
All we used to do is sell and smoke weed and sign on
But now I'm [?] by the manner that I climbed on
Many moons ago it's like sh_t was a time bomb
Life's unpredictable similar to a time bomb
[?] that I rhymed on
Trying to move on and make peace with myself and let bygones be bygones
But I don't care for these pricks I'm just focusing on my songs
Trying to come better every time I switch the mic on
Young spitter everybody's got their eyes on at the minute
I'm the UK's ultimate grime icon
And you might hear my verse on the bus
When the school kids are picking through my tunes on their iPods
Bait face like I was on last night's crime watch
Take my spot? Not on my watch

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3 - Devlin:]
I've paid my dues, just like you's
Now they wanna' act like I can't get through
And I don't care if you wanna' put a barricade up
That will get stomped and sprayed up
I stand out more than your girlfriend's make up
Lewi White moved the stakes up, now I'm bringing the flavour
But I still don't get paid so I guess you could call this slave labour
I'll take now then I'll pay later
Devz gets around on the roads
And yes I've got a thousand flows that are bound to explode
Like petrol bombs that smash when they're thrown
You best know that I've paid my dues
Them man that were just there couldn't lace my shoes
Moving up when you're spitting with the baitest crews
Devilz, the latest news

[Hook x4]

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