F.U - Devlin feat Ghetts

[Verse 1 - Devlin:]
Alright they wanna'
Test the team it's Devz and G, running up on sets and streets
Rest in peace to the best of G's, testing me
Can't stop what I'm destined to be
I will decimate teams, I'm a threat to the scene
Yeah that's right I'm telling you the scene's been threatened
And I don't need to use a fist or a weapon
All I need is about 30 seconds and I'll teach them a worthy lesson
Don't f_ck with Devz in a session, nothing but bars and aggression
From day 1 I've been destined to blow
Cause they all watch Devz like women in the high street
Looking at clothes through the shop windows
Because they all know the lyrics that I've written are so deep
Composed in such a sick flow that I'll bury any MC on a rage or staged show
From Dagenham's sh_tty old streets full of arrogance
Quick let me switch lanes, plan, get a hag on 'em
Took the scene and I won't give it back to 'em
It's mine to keep another sight to speak
I'm spitting fire everytime that I ride the beat
I'm in the pub doing like 90 pints a week
And in a week, smoke more than 50 spliffs
And still spit with a nifty gift, I smoke citrus mist
Know what this street is, some distant kids surrounded by risky sh_t
I smoke a spliff that's big then I'm feeling on top of the world like Bobby Moore in '66
So they better have their seatbelts fastened
Get ready for drama; girls, drugs and arson
Dagenham to Barking, there is no margin
Rep' England more than a Scot wears Tartan

[Verse 2 - Ghetts:]
And I was born with the heart of a Spartan
Can't hold it, I'm going in
Soon I will stand in a bin
But while I'm on road lyrics are getting stardom
They can't dismantle the king
I'm laughing in court when I'm asking the sergeant
Whether he wants it, hold everyone of your men down
And smart him and 10 rounds I'm blasting
And that's how I get down but grant less I'm a bastard
Many dramas I've been a part of, come out my yard in pajamas
[?] f_ck this, gotta protect my home, gotta protect my own
Cause if not I'll never be left alone
They'll make me get the chrome
I might adjust my foes
You already all know, I got the [?]

[Verse 3 - Devlin:]
Superior serial syllable killers
You must be piping the rocks to think you could ever f_ck with us
Two elaborate spitters that will have your best two looking like Burns and Smithers
Hello it's Ghetts and Devz, make you wanna' put metal to your head
Pull the trigger now you're dead because you know you couldn't query a sentence we said
Wake up or get sentenced to death
And with the bars I'm extensively blessed
I've moved up to the top at the expense of the rest
The levels are so high they ain't expect any less
You can try but it's plain and black and white like chess
But they can never test to connect the nest
When your subject is stressed and you can't catch a breath
Blood, sweat and beers and you couldn't come near
If it ain't my year I'm still ending careers

[Verse 4 - Ghetts:]
I bet they didn't know Ghetts when I was spitting [?]
Ever since house and garage I've been fat with the bars
But I split my album in half from [?]
Now sound the alarm, still underground but so powerful
Most of the youngers sound just like me, I come like the [?]
I've been the most influential entertainer across England
But everyone's got an opinion
Even those with their ears blocked
Scared what? I care not, I'm going up another gear watch
I ain't taking another year off, to clear off before the fear's hot
I swear to God, there ain't an MC I'm scared of
I'm a certified murker, something like a sniper with a clear shot
My gain is their loss, it's not fair is not in my vocab
N_ggas wanna' know what I got in my notepad so bad they go mad
Trying to find out how I write what I write down
They don't have an idea I'm lightyears ahead
The worst nightmare in effect
G star jeans like [?]
Fly gears 1-2 when I've had my share of material things like 'where's the respect'?
They cry tears when you're dead but when you're alive they fight for your downfall
That's the reason I'm wearing a vest, I'm scared of my rep'

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