Life's F****d up - Devlin

2008... f_cking depressing mate

[Verse 1:]
I'm from the dirty Dagenham blocks
Where the children are taking or serving rocks
And the main ambition is to be swerving the cops
Cause they wanna serve drugs not herd in a box
And a headshot will make a body turn on the spot
Round here it's more f_cked than an old nonce perving off
You see the old bill following your vehicle
Behind you, can't see in the rear-view
You best start turning off
Then buckle up and start burning off
It's 2008 killings every other day so welcome to the UK
Where you can get moved to for two flakes
That's a regular occurrence
Every other day there's a similar disturbance
Blue and yellow placards advertise murders
Committed by kids with knives and big burners
But that's the cards we've been dealt
Can't help but feel a little sorry for ourselves
Kids are getting killed every day
It's not a game like the Commonwealth
This is common knowledge and still they don't wanna help
Kids don't care about life like Heath Ledger
Cause they ain't seen no better
You could get stabbed for two tenners
And jacked for your brand new New Era
Around here there's more crime than Stella in a landlords cellar
We need to make a few changes
Maybe Eastenders should be a little bit more like Shameless
Cause that's how it really is
Instead of some overpaid amateur actors
Running round on the square like f_cking idiots
They know nothing about east end affiliates
It's war round here, forget peace, it's war round here
You'll get shot or bora'd round 'ere

Yeah, life's f_cked up, sometimes I had enough
They'll try f_ck you up, like an R1 bike that's collided
With trucks and the drivers divided and cut [x2]

[Verse 2:]
I'm from one of the poorest places in Britain
Where people get robbed and possessions go missing
Way before I ever hit the air waves spitting
I was chilling in the dirty old stairway with piss in
Kids sitting on the street corner dealing
If he's got money they'll be willing to jib him
I can't wait to get away from this sh_t and say good riddance
Cause there ain't nothing great about Great Britain
And if there is then it's hidden
I ain't never seen it
I just can't believe it
Pinch me I'm dreaming
And now I'm coming out the pub f_cking steaming
And seeing two fat slags fighting and screaming
I'm lighting my spliff with my green in
Just another Friday evening
Blood alcohol levels increasing
And I've smoked too much weed
If you need me then I'm breathing
And leave your boys greening


[Verse 3:]
I've gotta get back on it
See a deck with my track on it
My flows like crack on it
They keep coming back for it
Waving their money for my CD's
I'll tell em get f_cked
If they're coming for some freebies
Cause I ain't got nothing to give
I'm just f_cked when I spit
Tell'em s_ck on a d_ck
Behind Beckton and bargain
You'll get hotted with the tip of the sniff
Even if you're minding your own business
Or bunning a spliff, I'm down on my music
I know a few man around town that get down
With the gun and the clips
And start letting off bullets
If you're running your lips
As long as I spit
I'll continue to punish these pricks
Yeah I'm from the slums where the scumbags live
You could be approached by a scumbag
And he could be two foot tall
But with a three foot chiff
Yeah it's just the life that we live
Nines and clips, kids putting knifes in ribs
I'll let the road man vibe to this
Because they know how vital it is
Just to make the f_cking ends meet
And f_ck being friendly
I'm driving around in an old school stolen Fiesta
Because I ain't got no money for my Bentley
But that's only temporary
That way I spit bars is elementary


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