Shot Gritty - Devlin

They just can't stop what's destined to happen
I've got more talent than any of them rappers out of manhattan
If you say I haven't then it's visually apparent that your scale's unbalanced
And if you don't wanna advocate the scene to me then
I'll take your name through the abattoir
Cause an atrocity, the game's gettin' stuck like a robbery
Invading your space like a squatter in your property
And now my name's up on the podium
The only emotion they feeding is odium
The ultimate hatred burns in the heart like petroleum
But I've gone coming back again
Time after time and the cats feel the opium
Yeah they hate but my lyrics got a hold of 'em
Like Napoleon, takin' control of 'em
Divide me from others get left for the protein
They never coulda measure me in metric meters
Young Devs will be spittin' real fire
Most MC's are fake like electric heaters
I'll be spreading my name like a whore spreads diseases
With an infected fetus start ruining your life, wreck your penis
Lyrics that I ate, I'll be standing right next to Jesus
This generation's f_cked
Parents must have been up in them drugs when they conceived us
My creators created a genius
Lyrics start sticking to your flesh and your bones
Like tendons connected to your gastrocnemius
Making featherlights look feverish
How they gonna get off the ground with no leverage
Real wreck control any others gettin' tedious
Stepping up their levels or you settle for what's easiest
Here is a statement for those that are hatin' on the greatest
The most highly anticipated and awaited
I'll finish you, and then finish your acquaintance
Who don't sit and listen, but they sick enough to hate us
And you know I'm stuck to music by law like marital status
It took patience believe me I worked for wages
Now I'm able to transfer from certain places
And as an artist I kept on growing like
Plants in the wilderness starting a pilgrimage
Lyrically sick, ain't no pill for this
Grimy like Ilford is, I'm one of the skill fullest
Alright I'm the absolute filthiest
Jumped on the scales and I'm tiltin' it
My name's in the lime light and I ain't even milkin' it
Be honest be real to this yeah I'm just built for it
Nice to know I got the most incredible scriptures and flows
Feels like I'm on a LSD trip
Yeah I'm in a world of my own like torpedoes watch me excel and explode
Trample the tactics with them pricks that chat sh_t
They'll get flicked like match sticks, all cause for excentric antics
Pump pump, squirt on a mic I last longer than sexless tantric
So just don't bank on beatin' me easily
We all want a slice of the pie but its hard to be eatin' it legaly
Feel like I'm trapped in the realms of illegal indecency
But now these MC's wanna speak to me
Tellin' me about their cd they wanna feature me
Need to bring their heads out of the heavens
Back down to the ground where their feet should be

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