He Will - Ellie Holcomb

Heaven came and kissed the earth
Prophets on the go foretold His birth
He became the living word
To show the human heart its worth, oh whoa

Whether I'm in want or plenty
Whether I'm in health or ill
Our God promises his children He will, He will
He'll bind up the broken hearted
Oh He will, oh He will
He'll set captives free from darkness
Oh He will, oh He will
He'll breathe hope into the hopeless
Help the restless soul be still
Oh, oh, He will, He will

He came to walk in truth and grace
Man of sorrows entered all our pain
On the cross He took our place
Then He rose up out of the grave

He'll give beauty for our ashes
He'll restore the oil of gladness
We will praise Him through our sadness
'til the promise is fulfilled
Oh, oh, He will, He will

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