Jupitersound - Flatbush Zombies feat Kilo Kish

[Hook: Kilo Kish]
The night sneaks up but today won't you play with me
And when the lights grow dark all that's left is your energy

[Verse 1: Juice]
I'd say I'm really high now
On the rise now, better calm down
Visions of naked women
Ooh when I get that feeling
Twistin' that real good
Bomb kush, face numb, titties, life's good
Ah, ah, as tempting as some chocolate
Delectable you are, every bit of you: I like it
Brown skin, Pamela, dark skin, Vivica
Long hair, moonlight, mollies and excedr-a
Ah, ah, I can flow
All I need is some weed, give me mo'
Never gonna swear I don't love no ho
If she look at me, I'm a take yo ho, ho
Take her to the crib, let it snow, snow
Line up her line then she blow, blow
She's a fiend for the green
F_ck my team for my mean green scheme
Left my balls on her chin, now she gone with the wind
Next week, call up her friend
Python striking again
Everything's a go, rolls full of dough
Case full of rolls, sour diesel on my flow
Zombies, straight f_ckin' it up my b_tches
As you f_ckin up what you be lovin it up
I be f_ckin up guts, straight knuck and buck

The night sneaks up but today won't you play with me
And when the lights grow dark all that's left is your energy
Surrounded by the threat of regret trapped in leopard sheets
It was the price to pay

[Verse 2: Meech]
I know you heard of cloud nine
Well let's add sixty to it
Million miles in the sky
Baby girl you leakin' fluid
And slowly her legs divide
As she work her way into it
Simple math, weed and hash
Thirteen tabs, got my leopard-print 'back
Ever make love in a casket?
Spit in her mouth cause she like it nasty
I go deep, you tug my sheets
Then you get to screaming and scratching
I be a fool, to put my pride aside
For superficial women
You brought you a swimming pool?
Guess what girl, I'm skinny dipping
Missionary, doggie, ruff ruff
Raw please, sushi
Cameras flash, throw it back
Girl let's make a movie
B_tch from L.A., but she love Brooklyn n_ggas
Said she got Plan B
So I cums in the middle
Her best friend is a freak, she try to hide it
A little G, throw up the peace sign with a tongue
In the middle, if she tall then I lick her down
If she thick then I pick her up
F_cked her on the first night, she call it beginner's luck


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