Nephilim - Flatbush Zombies

[Verse 1: Meechy Darko]
Why I feel like the past
Is catching up to my ass
The devil on each shoulder
No halo's on my staff
Your medula may implode
When I spit this venom in code
When I spit this venomous flow
Mind bending entity oh!
My soul glowing it's gold
My heart's dark and it's cold
My art's a part of my soul
I can't help but give ya'll the most
Can't help but be n_ggas hope
Can't help but rise through the smoke
Can't help that my d_ck is big
And it's in the back of her throat
Break bread and make toast
Raise glass and blow smoke
Kick ass like Bernie Mac
And mac on with these hoes
Flip packs and bust gats
And live on through these quotes
Too mentally unstable
To be f_cking around with them labels
Picture me Yakkity Yak
Talking sh_t at these round tables
Naw son never that
It's just millies under the table
I'm saving up every cent
Starting our own label
Serpent under the rainbow
The pot of gold in the store
Fallen angels they dangle
From clouds as they (awww)

[Hook: Meechy Darko]
Money p_ssy and drugs
Be the antidepressant
In pursuit of presidents
You might have to keep you a Wesson
Names ahead of presidents
That don't make change in a second
Mother f_ck your reverend
And all the lies that he telling

[Verse 2: Juice]
They say we not able
Strange but peep through different angles
Speak the truth cause what we plant
Is all seeding for the future
Probably cooler than I thought I was
Probably with a fewer
I'm hot b_tch I ain't Nelly
This ain't MIMS
I'm something deadly
Petty n_ggas y'all ain't ready
The sh_t I kick is heavy
A felon, moving steady
Ungrateful b_tches get stitches
And buried 6 feet in ditches
In the clouds painting pictures
Sometimes I'm feeling enormous
I'm bout to jump I'm feeling nauseous
Close your eyes for repercussions
Tried to use a gun man
But the gun jammed
Maybe if I won they'd probably get me
Strap a gun and tell them
Put one in my lung
Shoot one through my heart
Rip my tongue apart
Never again to speak this art
And I ain't got to sign a motherf_cking deal
I could still f_ck your girl
Off a blunt and some chew
Smoking up them hotels
Put it on my bill
Sleep till next Wednesday
Wake up to her grill
That super stanky dank
Got me high mushroom using
The event of my demise
I'm laughing at you rap guys spitting lies

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