Johanna - Frida Snell

You can?t drink more than this
But you always say you?re the last to go, of course
You?re on the top, you?ve always been
In the spotlight, yes, breaking some boys heart, of course

You?ve been around looking for something else
But everything you find is the second best

Oh Johanna really makes me sad
Oh Johanna really makes me mad
She?s a tragedy, it?s a mystery what she wants

Oh Johanna really makes me sigh
While Johanna keeps on asking why
I can see her crawl and she still wants more out of you
But Johanna?s lost

Friday night, and someone screams
It?s the usual, he?s been there with someone else
But how could you? and who?s to blame?
Who?s the girl to take someones boyfriend for a night
Don?t wonder why Johanna hasn?t got a friend
When you don?t have your own why let others do

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