Black Rose - Future Islands

Lead not for loss
And you'll bleed not for long
Lost in streets, unnamed by your fate
Go unplayed, all the records, you've reclaimed

But it's easy, in the winter
Where the white smoke
Rises slow like finding, something waiting
Where no one goes
It makes a sound like dying
Was it trying to say
"I'd give you all and diamonds, just for one more replay"

Just one chance to say

Keep me close, I'll never weep
My love's asleep

I've kept it close and guarded tight
From dead of night

And laid a cross of iron dross upon my door
The way you laid across our bed some time before

In the winter
There's a black rose
Its beauty, something blinding
Curling wilding
Through the white snow
It makes me feel like diamonds
Was it dying to say
"I'll give you all but silence, just for one more replay"

Just one chance to say

"As my lover goes my garden grows"
As she looks away I hear her say
"As my garden grows, my lover goes"
"As we look away, I hear him say"


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