All I Could Do - G-Eazy feat Skizzy Mars & Devon Baldwin

All I could do
It's all I could do
All I could do
It's it's it's all I could do

[Verse 1 - G-Eazy]
Take a look around I am not the usual
Music never stops like I'm in a f_cking musical
I rap cause I don't never wanna work inside a cubicle
This music is
All I could do

Stoned to the bone thinking life is so beautiful
Sorry if you can't relate or if this is all new to you
Ten bad b_tches at my party all doable
Took one to my room it was
All I could do

You still rapping with a normal flow
I had your girl in the back giving oral slow
They be rolling up the front it's California dro
It's all goodie, all this I am born to go
I'm just doing what I can, living like I'm supposed to
Most can't even comprehend what I'm close to
Blowing off a b_tch right after she blows you
That's f_cked up dog, but it's what the girl chose too

Cop me a zip, so I rolled me a fatty
Me and some bad chick blowing granddaddy
It's all I could do foo, don't get mad at me
It's just...
It's all I could do

All I could do
It's all I could do
All I could do
It's it's it's all I could do

[Verse 2 - Skizzy Mars]
Still is in a yellow cab, I get haters hella mad
G said "get em" so I got at 'em extra fast
We in a city of blonde models and bombshells
But I got that ocean type swag, b_tch I'm ill
I like moms who like Dons and don thongs
And like skinny black kids who like to write songs
They pull up in a Honda, we in Pagani Zondas
Getting money you promise? Syke
Wanda told me to be humbler
But every day I'm getting Facebook fans, and features on every Tumblr
Man, haters can't understand
They really can't stand the heat, they just Cavs fans
Ay look, I get money out the ass and I don't f_ck with bank accounts
Used to walk in but all my n_ggas buying tables now
These white girls got a f_cking penthouse fetish
I got the crowd out on they toes like they f_cking stretching
I told a girl to meet me in like 10 minutes
It's just me, G-Eazy and like 10 b_tches
Got dreams of living lavish, rings Like I'm the Mavericks
I'mma f_cking savage, it's all I could do


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