Been on - G-Eazy

Yeah, rappers try to brag about accomplishments
But nothing you've been dropping yet astonishes
Yeah, next sh_t I'm about to say is obvious
But criticism's worth some more than compliments
Yeah, yeah, we're living at a different speed
Trying to sprout a money tree, we started out with just a seed
Always working, never hindered by a little fatigue
Rapping in arenas, I'm still playing in a different league
Yeah, you still playing wiffle ball
Dropping opportunities I'm picking up a different call
Holding out for bigger checks to lift us all
Never kept a safety net to catch us even if I fall
Rather risk it all than play it safe
You like to sprinkle salt and player hate
My team can eat, I'll share a plate
I had the black on black, I swear you're late

Everyday I got some fly sh_t on
Keep an all black outfit on
I already bagged most the chicks that you out here trying to get on
You just catching up to what I've been on
Yeah, that's what I've been on

I see what you trying to do, that's not even kinda new
That's the sh_t I've been on
All these girls you see around, I already took 'em down
That's the sh_t I've been on [x3]

I be thinking forward though
Thinking quick and making plans, y'all be thinking sort of slow
You be thinking more b_tches, I be thinking more dough
Showed them all I do this sh_t but trust me, I got more to show
Yeah, yeah, I'm just getting started now
All that swerve and spill my Bourbon, brody that's a party foul
Rappers try to swear they're cool
Really? I'm like "hardly, pal"
Black on black with hair slicked back, boy I got the hardest style
And I'm always snatching chicks, flier than Aladdin's whips
Haters on the sideline bitter, hella f_cking mad he's rich
Took your darling off your arm, now she just wanna be daddy's b_tch
They can't even find me where I'm chillin', like my addy switched
Yeah, breaking rules we all bent 'em
Dreaming about these m's, told my team let's all get 'em
Make a classic song, last as long as raw denim
Every track's a problem, what I spit is all venom



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