Far Alone - G-Eazy feat Jay Ant

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
Yeah, blue jeans, Air ones and a white tee
'06 hangin' out the window like, yee
Hyphy on one, off a bottle might be, my tree
Smokin' Agent Orange, Hi-C
Back when me and Marty was recordin' at my Mom's
Most of y'all were chasin' around bops
Always in the lab, only hoping that my job
Never would be based around mops now I'm on
Yeah, she know; love me cause my ego
Girls and the drugs always follow us where we go
Ay, where the Bay at!?
Shouts out to Jay Ant
Lookin' for the party girls, let me know where they at
Skinny rich girls always askin' where the yay at
Throw a house party like cool, where you stay at?
Turn upside down, let her twerk on the wall
Took her to the bathroom and did work in the stall

[Hook: Jay Ant]
They used to tell me I couldn't go too far alone
They used to always say I couldn't go too far alone
But now I'm here b_tch! [x3]

[Verse 2: G-Eazy]
From the BART train to a tour bus
Still the same game except I'm pulling more sl_ts
More b_tts, more bucks, never giving more f_cks
Did it my way, I'm never taking short cuts
Raised in that town like fool, who put you upon?
All these Bay sounds, Mac Dre is who I grew up on
I'm just selling game got you if you need a coupon
You can check my resume, see every beat I threw up on
Smoking on grapes, rollin up swishers, no papes
Back of the Ghost, closed drapes
I'm a boss tycoon
Girls in the crowd all swoon
Super high, I'm off to the moon
And I finish with your girl then I took her to my room
She wants me to slay ooh-kay, that means doom
Boom, and it's to be expected
Knew this would happen as soon as she texted

[Hook: Jay Ant]

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