Almost Famous - G-Eazy

Young with too much cash, watch how I came up fast
They say I'm next to get it
They bring your name up last
And while I made it splash, rappers came and passed
But still I ask myself
How long does famous last? [5x]

[Verse 1]
I'm addicted to this lifestyle, never going back to no basic sh_t
When we on tour every night's wild
Thinking about the days we weren't making sh_t
Spending everything just to make it back
Saying everything never take it back
So if you don't f_ck with me
I'm okay with that [2x]
In a black shirt and some faded jeans
Been around the world in these APC's
Working non stop trying to take the keys
Off the lot next week spending 80 g's
Intro my floor to your lady's knees
Always on tour cause I'm making cheese
Michigan in February is 8 degrees
And the fans waiting outside could maybe freeze
Yeah, smoking on killa
Never going nowhere unless your team is strong
Yeah, finally making skrilla
Everywhere I go bring my team along

Yeah, now I'm almost famous
Still right here with the oldest faces
Swear I came up from the coldest places
Young man gets everything, he goes and chases
Aw man


[Verse 2]
I'm trying to marry Kate Upton, blow this money too quickly
To them squares who trying to hate: f_ck them
You can't catch me I move too swiftly, I'm always going through customs
When I leave I'm knowing you miss me
We run through bottles like nothin', like I'm tryna drown in this whiskey
Indulge in everything we wish
We drink it straight with no mixers, got b_tch drinks if you squeamish
At the after parties, no pictures
My bag of trees looks greenish, got a bad b_tch to roll swishers
This lifestyle's the sweetest
Man I'm shining now just like fixtures
Yeah, do it for my city
Everywhere I go bro, I rep the Bay
Yeah, tell you it's a pity
But hating f_cks always got sh_t to say



How long does famous last? [5x]

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