Mr Jangles - G-Eazy

[Skit: Mr. Jangles]
Yea man, what up this Mr. Jangles
These n_ggas talking about making it rain
I'm tired of these n_ggas "making it rain, making it rain"
What the f_ck is making it rain? The sky make it rain n_gga
I make it jangle
These n_ggas talking about making it rain throwing money everywhere and sh_t
Nah n_gga I go to the club with quarters
I go to the strip club with quarters in my pocket
N_gga I make it jangle
I make it sprinkle
I make it precipitate like that n_gga Andre 3k
Andre 3 stacks n_gga whatever you wanna call it
I make it jangle just all over the place
I just be up in the club all day
I just walk to the b_tches like
"Say b_tch"
Jingles quarters
She be like "Oh sh_t" it's Mr. Jangles
And all the strippers just come out and just start surrounding me and sh_t
Yea n_gga that's what I'm talking about
It's all day like that with Mr. Jangles baby
Every night before I go to the strip club
I take my son, my little [?]
And we go up to the arcade shop and while that n_gga playing blitz or some sh_t
I go to the machine I put a 20 in that b_tch
And about 5000 quarters pop out n_gga
And I just be going to town when I go in the strip club
Ballin n_gga I just be throwin' that sh_t in the air
Quarters for every motherf_cking body
And when I do that it just be hittin' b_tches all in the head and sh_t
Be hittin them all in the forehead and they kneecaps and they big toe and sh_t
They just be passing out
I leave the strip club the floor just be silver n_gga
And what the f_ck you got to say about Mr. Jangles n_gga
B_tch ass n_ggas come the f_ck outta here

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