Run - G-Eazy feat Team Robot

[Intro - Team Robot:]
Got my 40 in this b_tch with me
I'm next on the weed, too

[Hook x2 - Team Robot:]
Uh, we throwing b_tches off the roof
Splash! What the f_ck you gonna do?
F_ck Fox News, and f_ck you too
Crash your car into the wall and do like Mexicans do... run!

[Verse 1 - Team Robot:]
Oh yeah, believe that's the chorus and that's how we feel
We major market rappers, you hardly local-chill!
Pause, don't meet my session while I'm blessin' this
Only option to be the f_ck with us
Know you gotta ball in this industry
Time enough good luck
We could run for the 40 now you soft taco f_cks
Drunk nights in the back of all black chauffeured trucks
Givin' b_tches straight wow time no need for lust, they know what's up
What else? Real pimp like mac on it
I'm a G like Slim and I'm pretty like Tony
If you never knew it and I think you need to know me
Tryn' to f_ck stevie wonder daughter her name Sophie (Sophia!)
Wonder (That's that b_tches name... I knew it!)

[Hook x2 - Team Robot]

[Verse 2 - G-Eazy:]
H-H-Hollywood parties at the standard
Chilling with some b_tches who just graduated Stanford
Now she's on my lap trying to be a private dancer
My girl called my phone and I accidentally answered
Oh well sh_t happens my lifestyle so f_cking random
So if you just don't give a f_ck then this your f_cking anthem
Mix blunts smoking that 40 juice provides the perfect anthem
I swear this life's a trip but yo my plane is never landing
I'm going nowhere fast but everywhere between
Say you down with the scene but you nowhere to be seen
So if we don't know you chances are you ain't the truth
Either that or Cypher throw you off the roof (ha ha ha ha)

[Hook x2 - Team Robot]

[Verse 3 - Team Robot:]
How you, how you, how you doin', Miss America?
A lesbian? Really? I'm sorry to even pressure ya
Hard ass beats, that's the sh_t that give my head a rush
They skipping people and punching kids to get ahead of us
Big booty b_tches back it up
It's Team Robot, we next to come
F_ck your feelings, we living you coming after us
Old n_ggas keep talking out the side of they mouth
Until I write a sixteen and make them come diss me
This sh_t got them so tipsy: halfway drunk, halfway pissy?
Some people born to be stars, I'm just born to make a killing
Throwin' b_tches off the building
And all that sh_t meanless, I don't give a mother f_ck
I'm just doing what I'm feelin, n_gga!

[Hook x2 - Team Robot]

[Outro - Team Robot:]
Run [x12]
Big booty b_tches back it
Run, run
Big booty b_tches back it
Big booty b_tches [x3]
Back it up
Big booty b_tches back it up [x2]
Big booty b_tches [x4]
Big booty [x9]
B_tches back... it... up...

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