Face to Face - Gary Barlow

It's a true sign of a soldier
Taking care of the hearts around us
And the whole world loves a hero
A leader and a shoulder to cry on
That's what you are to me
Everyone around can see yeah
When we're face to face oh I
When the music plays oh I
Standing side by side
Put the past behind us
No one can take your place
When we're face to face
You can measure the strength of a human
By the weight of the love around them
One sweet light in the darkness
Guided us all like a pilot
That's that you are to me
Everyone around believes yeah
[Repeat chorus]
When you live your life with a passion
Taking nothing for granted
You made me believe if you give love, you will find it
You, you are the world to me yeah
A heart as wide as the ocean
You aim to climb every mountain
And the unknown you understand it
[Repeat chorus x2]

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