For All That You Want - Gary Barlow

To be alive your hero

I can't sit and wait for you to say
If there's room inside your heart
I'm not used to playin' loves silly game
Turn me down or let me start
You have to believe I'll make things right
Open your arms give up the fight

Chorus :
For all that you want, for all that you're feeling
There's a place where you can go
For all that you need, I will be waiting
To be alive your hero

Now if you decide to run and hide
It's only you you're cheating
The key's in your hand, you must understand
I won't be defeated no
I really believe this goal's in sight
Open your arms let me see your light


To be alive your hero

I'm sure that you've heard this before so many times
Look deep inside my heart and you will find
I'll be alive your hero

I'll be the one to hold you
I'll never let you go
I'll always understand you, baby
To be alive your hero

[chorus] x 2

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