I Didn't See That Coming - Gary Barlow

That kiss on the lips
That fire that we lit
That first New Year's Eve
Our excuse to leave

That first time you cried
That holding on tight
Being loved and loving
I didn't see that coming

The bride's arrival
Those words from the Bible
That kicking within
Not knowing where to begin

New faces around us
That spotlight that found us
All that from nothing
I didn't see that coming
That warmth in my stomach
I didn't see that coming

I'm a man who has imagination
But I couldn't write you a story like this
Every turn every twist

That name on the door
Oh that pain to the core
No hello just goodbye
All that asking God why

Those years on our knees
Oh that climb to our feet
Those tears that came flooding
I didn't see that coming

That candle-filled cake
That old song again
Embracing that age
More pictures in frames

Kisses goodbye
Looking back at good times
All went by so sudden
I didn't see that coming
This song that I'm strumming
I didn't see that coming

Here's to never knowing
And never seeing that coming

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