The Song I'll Never Write - Gary Barlow

Although it's here in every breath I take
I just can't bear to share the thought
Don't wanna hear my voice or find the key
To unlock this door
For the first time in my life
I refuse to quantify in notes & rhymes
It's the song that I could never write
It means too much I'd never try
Nothin' to add I'd only take away
It's the song I'm not prepared to share
Or hear it's message on the air
The words would be too personal to say
So I'll just take the day off today
It's like the loudest voice inside my head
But I'm the only one that hears
Won't let my pain and paper ever meet
No I won't hear my tears
It won't get out I'm far too strong
To let these feelings be three minutes long
[Repeat chorus]
It's alright it's ok, I go through this everyday
It won't escape I'm awake, it won't end up on the page
Not in this life
Thats the song that I will never write
[Repeat chorus]
It's the song that I can never find
It can't be yours was never mine
That's the song that I'll never write

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