Here Comes That Sick Bitch - Hardcore Superstar

I get a little sentimental when I fall
I get a little too much
When you push me too far
Don't you be sad
But I'm the best that you've had
It hurts a little too much
And it got out of hand

I know it's so wrong
Been there before
But I always want more
Hope you can see
You don't matter to me
Go set me free

Oh no here comes
That sick b_tch again
So put your guard up
Because she wants a sick man
Some day she will be your friend
The break you down again
My friend

You nail me to the wall
If I don't answer your calls
You say it ain't easy
Uneasy you are
I feel a bit sad
I know it's bad
You don't mean sh_t to me
That's what she said

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