Here Comes The Summer - Iggy Pop

I took a poundin'
From the radio today
I heard the radio say some piece of sh_t
Was it the sound of today ?

I took a bitin' 'beating'
When I saw my TV play, I saw my TV play
Over and over

And there were no escape
The box is hallow

And that riff is f_cking dead,
That riff is f_cking dead,
But the riff is poundin'

In my f_cking head
They're gonna push it
Untill false is true
Untill day is night

They're gonna push it baby
Untill wrong feels right
Untill wrong feels right

It's a big industry
And they can beat my brain
With houses and wars and chains

They are insane
But they can beat my brain

God and his captains
They won't pull a f_cking plug
They won't pull a f_cking plug
And give the skies
Back to the birds and bugs

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