Les Passantes - Iggy Pop


The passing by passers-by, I spend my time watching them thinking
Their hurried steps in their harmed bodies
Their past uncovers itself along their steps, regardless of
Me, suspicious, on the lookout, perceiving Pan's game
Their faces, like masks, give me the loathsome feeling
That pretending is fashionable
(chorus x2)
Passing by, passing by, will pass by
The last one will stay
Child is but celebration
The fact is that the effect reflects itself in his ability to take the fact as it is
Without consulting a mode of thinking in his head
Fall already, it was still summer yesterday
Time surpises me, seems to go faster
My age's numbers bring me toward this ideal month
(chorus x2)
Every month is at stake
In different cycles, funny how this turmoil
Drive me through time
From one state to another, I unrelentingly vacillate
These days I run toward balance
Every judgment on people=
Give me directions
About those things in me I have to change, keeping me from be free
Voices free and expose themselves
In the showcases of the world in motion
Bodies dancing in sync
Gliding, shaking, merging and uncontrollably attracting one another
These days I run toward expression
Every emotion I feel
Makes me want to express what is left unsaid
And justice to be done in our poor sleeping lives
(chorus x4)

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