Power Tools - Jack Harlow

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B_tch I'm from the 502 and I rep it to the fullest
Feeling like it wouldn't hurt to step in front of bullets
I'm the man now you the type to Instagram pictures
With your hand up on the trigger but you never want to pull it
But yo, I'm not gettin' mixed up in that racket
It's intimidating, I'm just trying to pick apart the madness
I'm just wondering where you kids are getting semi-automatics
Do your parents buy them for you just to give to ya'll as presents
I'm just curious, but Ima get back to this rappin'
And talk about the fact I'm doing sh_t you can't imagine
Ask your Mom about me homie
She been giving me that action
Had a thing ever since she used to pick me up from practice
But I'm done with asking questions
I'm usually pretty cautious but tonight I'm acting reckless
And I know the clock is ticking on my youth and adolescence
I feel like if I just blink it could be gone in half a second
So I, take advantage of these moments 'fore I lose them
And the mood to be rebellious even I know it's stupid
I don't know what's on my mind right now
I'm hoping I don't lose it
Just came up in this b_tch to go and show you how I do it
If I want it then I got it what the Hell you gonna do
She told me that I'm handsome and I'm hella f_cking cute
Know these fellas can't believe it, but I'm telling y'all the truth
Take her so quick they gon' call that sh_t burglary
And I'm so finally handsome thought I got plastic surgery
Tell them take a pool of bleach
And have a shot glass of mercury
You wanna see me quit
You prolly gonna have to murder me but
Please don't, I like living all this
Rhyme spinning gotta fellas mind spinning
Got ya girl up in my whip she wanna take a ride in it
Couple hours go by she asking, "What time is it?"
Uh, she said I'm nerdy but attractive and I'm charming
Yeah she liked 'fore she heard I was a rapper
This my life and I'm just living 'fore we turn to the next chapter
Scheming like a stallion steady lurking in the patches
Wishing that my first name coulda been Lorenzo
Mixtape dropped but I'm still getting friendzoned
Mixtape dropped but I still haven't hit though
At this point I'm praying for some neck no lymph-nodes
Spit flow, get dough
That is the career path
Told them I'm a rapper, but they ain't tryna hear that
Clear path to the destination I've been dreaming 'bout
If you got directions for me go ahead and leave them out
I'm trying to focus on what matters to me
I understand the value of a Masters degree
But that ain't for me
Nah it just ain't cool and just like everybody else
Man I hate school, this sh_t is wack
Every single day is like Hell for me
Sitting there for seven hours waiting for a bell to ring
Honestly it's not like I'm not trying to learn
It's that the school system's killing my desire to learn
But I ain't one to talk about taking action
Cause if I really cared I would make it happen
The less I f_ck around then the more I know
But I refuse to buckle down for a 4.0
Cause I been looking but I haven't found me any patience for
Anything that has to do with balancing equations or
Stoichiometry, Pythagoream theorem
I'm, looking at my teacher but don't actually hear them
To be honest with you
I've been feeling like a misfit
I know my life passion and I really think I'm gifted
I know my teacher thinks that I must really be dipsh_t
I guess I got to show em what's really realistic

Really realistic
Guess I got to show what's really realistic
B_tch I'm from the 502
Reppin' to the fullest

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