Rendezvous - Jack Harlow

I became exactly what I wanted to
I became a millionaire at twenty-two
Telling girls I love 'em and they love me too
I don't question if they mean it 'cause I know they do
Starting being me when I realized it was okay to
Middle school bumping Waka Flocka O let Do
First album and I know just how it's gon' debut
Track three is where I tell her we gon' rendezvous
I'm signed to the gatekeepers
Don't believe the gossip 'cause it ain't true
Half of the dreams I had already came true
And they never told me anything I couldn't do
I got a mirror in my room I like to look into
At seventeen I never thought that I would look this cute
Classmates can't believe the place I took it to
If I didn't rap then I would be a good masseuse
Fun fact, but it's a hidden talent 'cause she rubbing my back
All these different cities I'm becoming sidetracked
She leaving my hotel wearing something I packed
My wardrobe spread across a whole map
JWise used to book me for the open mics
Kills me when they act like this was overnight
Like we didn't do a tour in a tiny van
Eight deep at the show, it might be eight fans
Mmm, that builds character
Something y'all could probably use more of
If I told the truth to her I know she'd be tore up
They love it when I rap and I don't even put a chorus
Turkey on ciabatta from the deli, shout to Morris
Thirty grand to show up, we might as well as pour up
Fake handshakes, we know you ain't going for us
We know you ain't going for us
It's something 'bout your aura, I know

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