Industry - Jon McLaughlin

My debut is coming soon and you already know what I'm gonna do
You got my time on the dotted line but you show up invited
But before I sign it
Someone say I'm not making mistakes and please don't be fake
My debut comes today and my feelings have all run away.
With the man that I am but understand if I don't keep going
It just goes to show that
I've been beat by an industry that I've never seen

This is me on my knees
Singing take it all from me
Take it all
Speak to my needs, my needs
Take it all, take it all
This is me

So the crowd gets quiet I start to play
And I think they're buying what I'm going to say
But to my defiance the music fades
And we all sit silent and I crawl back inside
Because it wasn't supposed to go this bad


When you grow silent I start to fall
When you grow silent I start to fall . . .


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