Bottoms up - Kottonmouth Kings

That?s about a blunt b_tch to be in the ghetto,
Motherf_ckers you see hangin around liquor stores
Turn that sh_t up like nothing
That Sisqo and sh_t, y?know that O that O.E.

The bullet, the bull drop, turn that sh_t up
You liein? Early in the morning turn that sh_t up

Crunk [X5]

[chorus X2]
Lets smoke a big chunk,
Getting high getting loose and get crunk
Bottoms Up we gonna make that sh_t bump
Everybody in the place come on jump jump

[Daddy X]
Its me friends Daddy X again,
Roll a fat joint, crack a Heineken,
I?m in the back room havin sex again
(Ooh not again)
Oh yes again
I?m addicted, smoked out and placid
Bottoms Up y?all raise your shot glasses
Shake your asses ladies let it hang out
Gotta get down show em what you all about
We came to raise hell,
S_ck the bong,
We aint well till sweats drippin off our bong
(Last Call)
They aint rushin us outta here we goin all night
This here is all year
(Last Call)
We aint leavin here,
(Last Call)
I said we aint leavin here,
We takin over throwin out security,
Bottoms up whats up whos with me


My drinks done, my glass is empty
1,2,3 shots now im feelin friendly
(whats up ladies)
You wanna tempt me, I love a challenge
I been known to drink liquor till I lose my balance
We getting drunk, drunk
We after crunk, crunk
We smoking skunk, skunk
We know what you want, want
The sticky sh_t that you only see in pictures,
The old G heads know it comes from Johnny Richter
Our reputation well it speaks for itself,
If you want the bomb sh_t you better come with some wealth
All I got is green crack, cush and skunk 1
Im in a super, super haze in a dumpster son
So pack a bowl if you wanna get high,
Sh_t pack 5 go ahead heres my pipe,
Fill it up right so it hits her clean
It?s the weapon goin out to watch
Tell her what I mean


White boys do that sh_t,
You throwin that sh_t down,
That beer and sh_t
12 pack, 48, 24?s 48
White guys drink a lot of f_ckin beer
God Damn

Crunk [X5]

Get crunk, crunk yeah,
Get crunk get crunk yeah
Give a f_ck, roll a blunt
He said roll a blunt
He said get crunk
No he said roll a blunt
We getting drunk rockin mikes doin things that you wouldn?t believe
Hey yo you need to pass the weed
Every day and every night
Hey yo mike stop the beat cuz I forgot my rhyme
(F_ck where?d I put that sh_t
Hey Patrick have you seen my book)
I need to get another drink you know I need another hit
I need to take another rip, I need to smoke another cig
Y?know the D double dash
And im seein state lit
You know the Kottonmouth Kings is killin this sh_t
You got sumthin to say you need to say it right now
Cuz you cant deny that I move the crowd
Bottoms Up motherf_ckers we 10 years deep
Give a f_ck what you said,
Give a f_ck what you think

[chorus X3]

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