Nitrous Tank (Interlude) - Kottonmouth Kings

Richter can you go ha ha ha
Richter loves p-town he go that sh_t all over his body you crazy man
who's got the nitrous tank thanks yep i'm ready for
another one here it comes yo can you hear
that sounded like the doorbell but my heads still ringin'
so i just can't tell fill up my balloon ready for
another oh brother here we go again
oh f_ck where have all the people gone
i'm gonna sit and ? right in front of the tank goin' living room fishin' people
disappearing and the tank we're missin'
i'm by myself now i'm back at the crib wonderin'
how the f_ck i got here and just what i did hippy hippy crack damn
sure was fun but after s_cking two bottles i am definitely done yo richter can you go...

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