Without You - Laura Pausini

(KC Porter, Eric Buffat, Arnie Roman)

Close your eyes and say good night
and hold me till the morning light
and when the sun comes shinning through
I'll kiss you one last time
and I'll begin to live my life without you

wish that I could make you stay
but I know I have no power to persuade
the heart will do what it must do
So kiss me one last time
and tell me how to live my life without you

Cause I love you without and ending
cause I need you to be my everything
tell me the meaning of a life without you with me
when the night falls I'll still be standing
cause you'll always be right here in my heart
and in my deepest memories
I will never have to be without you

love is like a work of art
once you feel it you hold it in your heart
you know forever that its true
so kiss me for always
even if I live my life without you


? Atlantic Recording Corporation

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