500 Homicides - Lil Durk

Oh!, these n_ggas ain't gangstas
Stay tryna take my lil homie off the streets huh
Free 'Nine b_tch!
We still got real n_ggas out here (so everybody gangsta now huh?)
Where you from n_gga?
Free the gas man, you ain't from where we from
I told my n_ggas we gon' make it man
It's a f_cking movement man
We a f_cking family, we ain't a gang

These n_ggas is b_tches, getting info from b_tches
Go and tell to the piggies
I'm tryna get riches, and stay on that business
3 bro n_ggas snitching, my case almost over
You lucky it wasn't pendant
I put 2 in his limit, this 4-5 a limit
Extended clip for his n_ggas
And he ain't sh_t to his n_ggas
We don't hesitate, from DD and Bebe's just know that the opps ain't never safe
Load up the Glock, and reload the 8
Do a drill on the op, no clones I see dots
ACGs for the God's church and one power rock
I'm on the block
Hope my tape don't flop, and it go gold when it drop
I'm not a liar, start D'ing them baggies, and we risking indictment
Just to get flier than the first day ticket, united 300, the riot
Murder murder, kill kill, in the jam I'll never squeal
My label only time I deal
I f_ck with GB's most king snapes, foes into n_ggas under kneel
Silver spoon, you don't know how hunger feel
Dreaming 'bout 100 mil, step on that kerb with 100 pills
Western Union money to bro and them, in the cell doing 20 years
And I lost a couple of these n_ggas, and they ain't never seen 20 years, oh!
Heard them die when I was out of town, sh_t happen when I'm not around
Slide through every opp block and we up shots till they not around
What's up with this twitter beef?
Thought we was keepin' it in the streets?
They mad I'm in the winner seat, from the summer time 'till winter breeze
And choppa squeeze, b_tch go blaat, blaat, blaat!
I ain't even gotta rap, (rap, rap) racks in 'em trap (trap, trap)
One time no light bulb, bro n 'em got a lamp, (lamp, lamp)
Where you from you ain't stamped (stamp, stamp)
N_ggas know we the champ (champ, champ)
Got n_ggas sneak dissin', it ain't rap
Make a real n_gga gotta spit facts
Got some n_ggas saying keep it only rap
That's how these old n_ggas stay on the map
Headshot, we ain't getting into that
N_ggas tellin' hands full of pins and packs
Grab a pack, blood bleeding real bad
Doin' hit in a coupe, in a Range, or an Audi
F_ck a n_gga doubt me
All on my d_ck when they see me
Knowing this b_tch wanna be me
Hell yea you can die over a retweet
I'm grabbing my pole on mimi
I can't see a n_gga like Stevie
I won't tell, I'll take me a BG
Let's get it!

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