Easter - Lil Durk

You filthy animal

[Hook: Lil Durk]
I can turn your girl into an eater
Pineapple Crush by the liter
O.T.F., follow the leader
Man I'm off the sh_t, smoking reefer
Go and tell them boys, follow the leader
A lot of n_gga's really want to be us
Got the whole city wanting to be us
Go and tell them boys, follow the leader

[Verse 1: Lil Durk]
N_gga's mad, we up, turned your b_tch to an eater
We Cole, no Keisha, east side, raise E's up
P_ssy n_gga's better ease up, that mac can have them screaming Jesus
Polo horses everyday, different Ralph I'm G'd up
Flash got me geeked up, ask Victoriouz, Stack or Starve
B_tch I'm off the meter, I get money, I go hard
O.T.F. free my n_ggas, Tell the judge f_ck a charge
Religion n_gga's act true, n_gga's know they live a fraud
Glock crackin, I'm out here, Ain't no n_gga safe out here
N_gga's say I'm a nightmare, all black like night gear
All that real sh_t start here, check a bag like nike air
Check a bag like nike air, that real sh_t it start here, L's


[Verse 2: Soulja Boy]
Riding around with one-hundred's and fifties
They riding around saying we did it for the city
Riding around with my hammer cocked
Stacks On Deck, we on top
And me and Lil Durk won't stop
Riding around, screaming f_ck the cops
Other finger screaming f_ck the ops
S.O.D. we on these blocks
V.I.P. we go boss
V.I.P. with yellow models
S.O.D. and G.B.E. the motto
O.T.F., 300 the motto


[Soulja Boy Talking]
Lets Get It!
That Money N_gga!
Yo b_tch1

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