Molly Girl - Lil Durk

I'm in molly world, I need a molly girl
High and out this world, keep my in molly world
Right now because I'm bussin', feel on top of the world
I'm out here off a molly, I need a molly girl
I'm in molly world, I'm in molly world
B_tch I'm out here bussin', I need a molly girl
I'm in molly world, I'm in molly world
B_tch I'm off the sh_ts, I need a molly girl

[Verse 1:]
B_tch I need a molly, I'm off one in the party
I just copped me a 'Rari, I'm global like safari
Your b_tch she need a molly, she ride me like a Harley
I chop her like a Harley, O.T.F. we are the party
Yeah b_tch I'm rolling, all my bottles golden
Got her in here zoning, take one ain't no folding
My d_ck that b_tch be holding, all this money throwing
All this money throwing, all this money throwing
B_tch I'm bout that life, off one ain't no sleep
B_tch you must be scared off a whole f_cking piece
B_tch I'm in the streets, f_ck n_gga don't want no beef
300 that's the team, 300 that's the team


[Verse 2:]
Molly girl my supermodel, AnnotateI don't need my Gucci goggles
Pop one and might rep a viagra, T.R.U. Religion my true religion
Foreign car my roof missing, white on white I'm a fool with it
White on white I'm a fool with it. In that spotlight I'm a fool with it
I'm out here like everyday, I get money in every way
Went to jail for my petty case, molly world that's a better place
L's up for my hater's face, I'm energized like Gatorade
Cooking sh_t like Rachel Ray, O.T.F. till I die in the grave
B_tch I'm out here rolling, all these b_tches going
Kush too strong, that potent, she wetter than an ocean
Molly got her in motion , and lean is what I'm pouring
Molly, where we going
That molly, where we going


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