52 Bars Pt.II - Lil Durk

[Verse 1]
Body bag, body bag
Photo them, they don chopped his ass
No parol, but the poll I got, they done dropped his ass
No toll, headshot, gave his whole top a tag
Drama act, in da cut were llamas at, copy cat
Coppas on my ass and sh_t
Ain't do it , innocent
N_ggas know my resume, 30 poppa Bebe kid
You don't know who Bay Bay is
4 six, Woodlawn
OTF the family, even my barber tapin' sh_t
Uzi spit
Got a deal, coolin with my movie b_tch
Movie clip, for a op n_gga or a goofy b_tch
Get hit from my groopie b_tch
You wiffin hoes, you losin' it
Thinkin' you aluminum, you would get scratched, bad, homicide
Police said my baby shy
Sup lo, before your ass was born I saved a 100 thou
Daddy on his savage sh_t, you know that boy be whillin out
You know I'm bring savage out
Lurkin like why they hiddin out
Drama life, but my whole family told me to calm it down
Bro and them gotta be bonding now
Me and my b_tch we bonding now
No cass, but that mac I got that b_tch work condom style
I spit crack like bobby brown
They know I'm a problem child
We don't do that sh_t, that sh_t be tifflin
Cause the same b_tch that eat the clit like she dikin
Love ya hoes, but the same b_tch we put the pipe in
She s_ckin d_ck, thats the same b_tch you give that night kiss
S_cka, your ass was s_cka, super man
If I can't make you dance I bet that uzi can
If you front your move when that mac spit
All I know is drill, drill, drill on my pac sh_t

Yea [x3] (I'm back in!)

[Verse 2]
My shootas gonna shoot some sh_t
Ruthless sh_t
Cause we do this sh_t
Backas on some spooky sh_t
Droppin sh_t
We gon do some sh_t
Red light, red tape
Got couple L on some goofy sh_t
Goofy n_ggas claiming sh_t
N_ggas ain't even do this sh_t
OTF 300 300 know that be GBE
Body count with that ozi on the top cause we stay in the league
Don't lack
It crack
No Chris Paul my Clippers give him 3
You betta at tennessee
I ain't talking tennessee
Robbin sh_t
Masked up like I'm dracula
Mobbin sh_t, no Gucci Mane, n_ggas know that we cashin up
Twist her with the blinky its black and it spins fast as f_ck
N_ggas rapped a life time, who'd eva thought I'd pass em' up
I'm from west hide and we gang bang
When shortie be postin in cuts in the gang ways
Crangin n_ggas, p_ssy as n_ggas call em rangin n_ggas
Free my n_gga rechi rich, he be so quick to change a n_gga

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