Amber Alert - Lil Durk

[Young Thug:]
Metro Boomin want some more, n_gga

What they sneak dissing 'bout? Got shooters to get 'em out
For a feature from me, a n_gga a get and gone
My n_ggas killers, my n_ggas killers
I'mma amber his ass and now n_ggas missing
I'm talking amber alert, amber alert
My shooters they shoot first I'm talking amber alert
Where I'm from we get em gone I'm talking amber alert
Not a n_gga missing, talking amber alert

[Verse 1 - Lil Durk:]
Can't no n_gga say Durk ain't never posted up
Two gun cases, taking chances after party's gone
April 26, when we in that twenty-six
No 52 bars, behind bars he 52 in that b_tch
I said street n_ggas strong like bleach n_gga
Forty turn a sweet n_gga, caught a case and not a week n_gga
The price is right, call Bob Barky off the speed n_gga
N_gga close to 'em, I'mma do 'em for that fee n_gga
$1500 on my Balenciagas.
N_ggas mad at you, you in that jam you ain't sell 'em nothing
You letting all your boys ride, you be fronting
A-Amber his ass like oh


[Verse 2 - Lil Durk:]
She just cancelled all my shows, cost my show money
N_ggas act like they got it, ID don't show money
I spend it, can't die with it or I can't grow money
Had millions back in 93 ninety shows from me
When I say bro in that cut I ain't just talking lyrics
I got n_ggas thinking my shoes is under penny
I side with them and got them calling saying "I can't"
Got my deal got these n_ggas in they feelings
Put two bricks on 'em, he dead by six something
How you hit that that lick and ain't get nothing?
So quit stunting, just quit fronting
I'm flexing and finessing I be sh_tting on 'em


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