Disappearing - Lil Durk

My goons finessing, gotta go and get it
I pull up reckless, then I'm disappearing
Next time I try, you get fifty chickens
The feds listening, tryna' go and get it
I'm disappearing, I'm disappearing
I gotta get low, b_tch I'm disappearing
I'm disappearing, I'm disappearing
I gotta get ghost, b_tch I'm disappearing

[Verse 1:]
Police n_ggas trying to raid the trap
They say this violence come back from rap
They say we the reason that Chicago's strapped
No water but the feds got us tap
Selling bricks, yeah we selling bricks
Nelly n_ggas, they telling sh_t
Get caught in a jam, don't tell 'em sh_t
Don't panic, they be lying, trying to rail you quick
White Porsche, got it off that coke
We barbeque n_ggas, they don't want no smoke
Pepsi, Sprite, pour up a four
Feds coming, then I gotta get ghost
Let's get it


[Verse 2:]
We robbing, stay mobbing, no Gucci
Run up on me, I'm a treat him like a goofy
Two g's on me, that's Gucci
Cribs like movies, I stay with that Uzi
In the field n_gga, where we send shots
Real n_gga, we taking blocks
Ready war, can't take a loss
Real friends, they turn to op's
Gun sound, oh let's do it
Brosky in the cut, he the one that's shootin'
Mac could hit him, R.I.P. I shoot him
Gotta get ghost on the feds, cause the feds they choosin'


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