Don't Judge Me - Lil Durk

They be tryna judge me
I thought that they loved me
But they don't really know me
Please don't judge me (don't judge), don't judge me (don't judge)
They be tryna judge me
They don't know my story
Tell me why they hate me
Don't judge me (don't judge me), don't judge me (don't judge me)

[Verse 1 - Lil Durk:]
Loyalty was the key to these street n_ggas (let's get it)
Chains, cars, cribs, since a kid I used to think I was Meech n_gga
Starving, crib full of family I can't sleep without balling
So I watch these rolls play (often)
Aunty died from cancer so I rap to keep the laugh
I'd rather pray when I'm alone than steady giving sh_t to pastors
Steady gone since I was a pamp, we get out when I'm a pamp
Old and a dead man, hands still on the hammer
N_ggas talking 'bout they my mans and we friends
Where you was you at when that man with that lanz offered me ten?
Shackled up, with the n_ggas that we hit with the fan
Eating sh_t that we gathered in blan
President still black, I hope he change sh_t
N_ggas out here fifty, doing the same sh_t
When he say he got my back it rain pit
Don't judge me, I know the streets love me (yeah, talk to 'em)


[Verse 2 - Lil Durk:]
Dope dealers, cold killers, they want n_ggas told n_gga
Half them killers told on 'em, had my chopper and road with 'em
My mouth close though, I can't snitch on a n_gga
Pillow talking to ops and hoes, b_tch of a n_gga
Summer nights, all them drugs made me kill sh_t
I lost so many n_ggas if they down I ain't feel sh_t
Been on IG with me n_gga, the feel rent
Them n_ggas just made me, I kept it real with it and they ain't loyal though
Mind of a psycho twelve posted on light poles
Sold crack to the light though, going crazy I might though
RIP who I cry to, hold my hands on my head cause I got to
Yeah, I'm loyal n_gga


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