Don't Know Me - Lil Durk

These n_ggas don't know me, they act like they know me [x8]

[Verse 1:]
From the city where they gang bang
Where they'll kill you if your chain hang
Two letters, dedicate you like AK
And you got to hide your finesse game
Head shot, no need for a vest game
Cop killers going straight through the desk game
These n_ggas they b_tch, they'll snitch on you
How you think they feel, get rich on em
You ain't never do a drill with a brick on em
Even on parole keep the sh_t on em
No mask, black hoodie with the sticks on him
I lost a couple n_ggas to this sh_t
Chiraq, where the guns like Iraq
Where the little n_ggas cook Pyrex
Where they pull guns out, they'll fight back
I ain't gon keep it on the d-low
Imma make sure my neck worth a kilo
Imma make sure the TEC got a ten loaded
Wire my connect, call it free load
These n_ggas they act like they know me
Cut em off cause you n_ggas so phony
Get money, they'll call you their brodee
B_tch ass n_gga you don't know me!


[Verse 2:]
Murder rates so high cause of the body count
Every day news casts say a body found
Can't trust n_ggas so I keep a chopper round
Play crazy, have a lil bro knock him down
On the block in that Cut when it's black out
Y'all homies tell bro bring the MACs out
And we're hungry in the trap house
Every show we're out, bringing out the racks out
Setup hoes they'll set you up
How you come when it's dry they'll wet you up
Watch out, my n_ggas at the top
You gotta kiss they ass for them to let you off
And that bring them snakes out
Gunshots that'll bring them jakes out
Every new rapper they fake now
If you stand we'll call that a take down
Eat with who you sleep with
So blind to the money, you ain't peeped sh_t
Ice new n_ggas, they sneak diss
Imma boss up on em, on some Meek sh_t
And they don' know me! They don't know me
And my city like Tony, you a b_tch ass n_gga
You don't know me!


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