Don't Take It Personal - Lil Durk

Where you was at when I was in that war?
I had nobody but me and my boys
You n_ggas frauds yall ain't making noise
But I ain't take it personal
And I told you I was down to ride
Now where you was when I was fightin' all them homicides
But you wasn't with me in that war
But I don't take nothin' personal

I'm in that field where it get real
With plastic ass n_ggas playin' with the steel
P_ssy change for a little change
Try to hang where I hang and then you got banged
I done see the sh_t happen boy
I ain't playin' my young boys they be clappin' boy
OJ Auntie Rose
Mikey Ikey Chief Wuk and Cali
I tell them n_ggas go free Mikey boy
These n_ggas they be b_tches they be psych'ing boy
F_ck who don't like me boy
I'm a bull in this sh_t


My first bank a case I had to calm down
Caught a sack and lost J Money F-- around
I gotta do another round
I lost my guy that's when I went and made 100 rounds
Now watch my n_ggas go bananas
My homie got head shout out to Montana
Chop 'em down like Montana
I'm on the block I'm serving white, that Montana
They told me I won't be sh_t
They ask for hooks and features on some free sh_t
I'm on some Steve sh_t
Free Steve b_tch
RIP Steve sh_t


And I told you I was warning you
I was on D town I was on Normal too
N_ggas p_ssy sitching on me informin'
And I ain't with the bullsh_t
I got a deal and I still be on that bullsh_t
I'ma warn your ass another time
Call my n_gga numba 9
Nuski got the strap still
Make your family go and make a will
Police n_ggas go and make a deal
OTF I'm in this sh_t for real


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