Live It up - Lil Durk

Live It Up, Live It Up, Live It Up
You gotta Live It Up

Live it up, run up on him better give it up
It's a stick up, 911 ain't pickin' up
A n_gga like me don't give no f_ck
All of my cars, all of my clothes, all of my hoes I got it
Everything could be gone like magic
I know alot of n_ggas die for that fabric
Pretend your n_gga let it happen
Whatchu' gon do?
Eveytime I see you with a gun, is you gon' shoot?
Too many n_ggas be hatin, too many n_ggas be faking
'But in these streets too many n_ggas won't make it
Got killers in M.I.A I'm talking straight Jamaicans
If you come through talking about bricks, my n_ggas a take it
Them hiccups the mac that I got a give you a face lift
No soulja boy my shooters on deck, ain't even got to say sh_t
Not a word not a sentence not a paragraph
Broke ass n_ggas I hate they ass
Straight 8 jeep boy I'm turning fast
'But all my n_ggas can't turn on them
So Imma Live it up, live it up, live it up
Sippin this lean go and get a cup x5
For that price my n_ggas gon hit em up
Lets get it!


Imma street n_gga wit all you need Books, bonds and lawyer fees
Its just us no state over seas
I'm gettin money over seas
Now I gotta take care of all my n_ggas
A lot of these n_ggas don't feed the killas
For a G or two my young n_ggas go get him
No boxer wit this tommy hill figure
Live it up, betta turn down n_gga
You wit your n_ggas, go turn down witchu yall
Like a smoker I can't turn down swisher
'But if you get left, my n_gga get switched up
He ain't even know it, but I know that he switched up
I know that he switched up, like juice did bishop
Can't no n_gga ever say I b_tched up
He tellin I know it don't get it mixed up
Now back to the blueprint I heard he got robbed and he ain't do sh_t
And yall knew this? pull up on the ghost on some spook sh_t
We creep through the gangway Hands full of choppers and Ak's
I hope you aim straight no Pac Brenda still having a bae bae
So watch where you shoot


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