Remember My Name - Lil Durk feat King Popo

[Hook: King Popo]
Don't forget about me
This bigger than money, this bigger than fame
Remember everything that I did to get where I'm at
Please don't take it from me
Said I wouldn't change
I'm still the same, and they love it
You can hate me or love me
But I bet you remember, I bet you remember
Remember my name...

[Verse 1: Lil Durk]
They never remember
I did time for a gun, that I never remember
Did time with my son been delivered
I cried tears, I couldn't show em my position
No sleep in the hallways
Me being me sipping lean with a 30 like always
Couldn't afford Trues now I sleep with Versace and Balmain
Then I hit the streets with lights on
Still slept with the rats and the cockroaches
Lost n_ggas , I lost b_tches, I lost time
But I'm back on the block though
Gang with me also but its bigger than money
They say I won't make it
Now they favor, I got 20 to play with
Grew up on Chicago South side, where you get killed if you outside
And I made it out, and I'm outside
Name hold weight like a motherf_cker
And I love my n_ggas like blood brothers
Same n_ggas, same gang can't change on em
One time, don't move it
But I bet that clip gon hang though

[Hook: King Popo]

[Verse 2: Lil Durk]
Real street n_gga, made it from the bottom
Coming up as a kid n_ggas gave him nothing
12 years old knew I was a problem
All I wanted was money and the fame
Cars, cribs, and b_tches wouldn't name
I can't change for nothing in this world
Lord blessed me two boys and a girl
Two dead cousins I lost to this world
Crossed over like Flo Rida
Only my squad they both sliding
Money and power they both riding
Caught him and him and they both sliding
Trap house, block party, n_ggas doing the same sh_t
They got nothing
And n_ggas try me and that Mac bust
And they remember my name...

[Hook: King Popo]

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